Tuesdays with Dorie: Florida Pie

I really wanted to like this pie. I love Dorie’s idea of having a coconut cream layer below the lime custard. And I love meringue pies. But the flavors all together just didn’t make me swoon. Maybe it’s because I felt harried and the baking gods weren’t looking kindly on me that day.

I halved the recipe and made three little pies. I had all of the ingredients – except graham crackers or anything like them, and there was no time to go to the store. So I used my usual pâte brisée, which was good, but I’d like to try the recipe with the graham cracker crust (and maybe some chopped macadamia nuts).

À la prochaine!





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15 responses to “Tuesdays with Dorie: Florida Pie

  1. I kind of felt the same way. I find myself now still wanting to make a Key lime pie, but this time without the coconut!

  2. even though not your favorite, your mini pie still looks great! love that stiff peak!

  3. Nice job! Macadamia nuts would be brilliant in this!

  4. Ooohh…a macadamia nut crust would be yummy!

  5. Such a cute little tartlet! I love the swirl of meringue and the idea about macadamia nuts!

  6. I love the little curl at the top of the meringue!

  7. It looks very good; I’m sorry you didn’t like it!

  8. Your mini pie looks adorable! I think your crust combo sounds very tasty but do hope you try it again with your other ideas. Great job!

  9. Oh this pie looks so appetizing, I could just bite into the screen.

    Ulrike from Küchenlatein

  10. CB

    Adorable little pie. The meringue curl is so cute!
    Clara @ I♥food4thought

  11. Sorry you didn’t care for it, but your mini-pie is so cute! 🙂

  12. Ooh, we did the same (three mini pies). I love your tins! Turned out great!

  13. You can’t call yours a Florida Pie anymore. That curl makes it a Kewpie Pie! Wanna take it and put it on a knick knack shelf. It’s adorable!

  14. Looks lovely though! What a shame you weren’t keen! Hx

  15. now that’s how i wanted MY meringue to look! your pie looks great, sorry you didn’t enjoy the taste so much

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